The 42 year old man was reported to be doing wrongly and drove a automobile into a pole in the store parking space.

After the accident he move out of his car, took off his clothes, enter into the Bass Pros Shop and jumped into the acquaurium. As two Leeds police mens start to walk up the stairs, the man ran out from the water, shouting to the officers and then dove back into the water.

Man continued to shout something to officers before he mounted over the side of the aquarium and dropped to the concreted floor below showing to have been knocked out by the fall.

Officers handcuffed the person who then rose up and try to struggle. Somebody covered him with a cloth as policemen took from the store.

Jail history show George Owens of Sterret is charged with misconduct, resisting arrest, attack on police mean, two counts of reckless engagement, two counts of first degree criminal mischief and public lewdenss.

The man was in water for five minutes before officers reached. He was taken to hospital for mental treatment and then send into the St Clair County Prison.

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