LBank Exchange is exciting to declare the forthcoming listing of SoSo, a governance token that helps holders to use in Search AI decision making through voting, offering rewards for participation in contributions, activities and integral to the ecosystem.

Its progressive platform that has progressed incorporating technologies such as Dall-E and GPT-3. This progress make a good step in digital content creation helping more diverse application in text and image creation.

Search AI integration with blockchain technology undermine its ability to transparency and security. This integration not only help the safety of user dat but also help with the platform aim of fostering an efficient digital ecosystem for AIGC.

The platforms offer more than content generation. It offers more options, customization features, model libraries. Search AI is a backbone role in digital content production.

In context of Web 3 Search AI enhancing digital content creation. The platform addresses the increasing demand for quality content generation making it a key for content creators in digital era.

The SOSO token is main part of the Search AI ecosystem working as a governance token. It helps holders with the feature to help in the decision making processes through a voting system. This token is key in community engaged and contribution offering greater rewards who actively help in project activities.

SOSO has total supply of 2.1 billion. The distribution of the SOSO token is allocated as follows 10% to punch card collection, 80% to arithmetic output, 5% of venture capital organization 80 percent of arithmetic output. and 5% to venture capital company.

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