Kaamel Technology to head investigation into XLinks $10M breach: why did crypto go up today?

XLink is accompanying with Kaamel Technology to investigate the cause of breach while speeding past communicated security upgrades.

Bitcoin bridge XLink declared on May 20 it is joining with Kaamel Technology as part of first mega step to investigate a latest security breach.

XLink;s partnering with cybersecurity firm Kaamel Technology mission is to investigate “the cause of May 15 breach which include almost $10 million in user funds.

According to post on X, XLinks has speed up collaboration with Cobo and Ancilia to secure the Bitcoin bridge platform against future breaches in parallel to this partnership.

XLink explained that partnerships with Kaamel, Ancilia and Cobo Technology: its approach includes plans to declare partnerships in future in efforts to fortify platform security.

The attacker withdrew almost $4.3 million after acquiring private keys through phishing scheme. foiled by white hat hacker who recovered stolen assets.

Bitcoin layer 2 developer Alex Labs the creator of XLink bridge was exploited on May 15 with almost $13.7 million in Stacks.

The $10 million hack that prompted XLink’s spree of security partnership development involved compromise of the Ethereum and BNB Smart Chain endpoints.

why is crypto going up today?

why is eth going up? As crypto markets moved higher on Monday on optimism that Ethereum ETFs might get approval renewed danger appetite saw traders looking for top crypto gainers today move to on-chain markets.

ethereum news eth etf approval deadline eth usd

Spot Ethereum ETFs get US approval that would be mega stamp of approval from regulators for asset.

It would open door to many institutional investment as look after spot Bitcoin ETF approvals.

eth price eth stock ethereum price usd

Ether ETH climbed a surprising 19% on Monday and was previously trading in $3600s. Ethereum ETF optimism could be catalyst needed to keep the rally going.

solana price usd

Various cryptos like Solana, Ether and Bitcoin are key short term resistance levels and could retest yearly highs.

Altcoin markets were sea of green. The Optimism (OP), Arbitrum (ARB), Pepe (PEPE) and Uniswap (UNI) all gained almost 20% alongside ETH.

Macro headwinds have eased this month, with Fed rate cut bets climbing following less hot than expected CPI inflation data and US jobs.

New meme coins and shitcoins are launched every new day on blockchains like Ethereum and Solana. Various are scams and none carry long term value. In short term some do mega impressive gains.

why is crypto up today

Altcoins are great way to rapid gains in crypto. For mega gains, traders will need to get in super early on newer coins.

Web3 startups sell their token at early discount in presales to fund development.

Risk tolerant investors looking to add exposure to portfolios presale investing is a brilliant tactics.

Dogwifmaga WIFMAGA

WIFMAGA las had market cap of $1.7 million as per DFXscreener with over $100,000 in locked liquidity.

Recently launched MAGA themed version of dogwifhat, dogwifmaga WIFMAGA is pumping hard in Tuesday trade.

The token has 1,389 followers on X and more than 1,000 followers on Telegram.

The Trump-supporting spin on dogwifhat meme coin applied to be listed on CoinMarketCap.

Ape.lol (APE)

Ape.lol APE the toke of allegedly soon launched token launching platform is doing good on Monday.

The toke is nearly 40,000% since its launch its market cap last gain $2.2 million according to DEXScreener.

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