Joey Graziadei Spiked ‘The Bachelor’ Standard

The Bachelor Season 28 ended on March 25 and Bachelor fan was saying goodbye to Joey Graziadei the single mega Bachelor lead we may witness in this lifetime.

Those who watched 28 year old teaching tennis become the runner up on Charity Lawson season of The Bachelorette got early glimpses of Graziadei’s warm heart dreamy green eyes and huge capacity to love.

As Graziadei’s second shot at searching love within franchise aired viewers were rapid to dub him the best Bachelor and praise Season 28 for restoring hope in TV romance.

When asked what made his journey special from the rest Graziadei humbly reply ” I wont take any of the credit I shall put it on the women. I think they were amazing this year. Part of Why Season 28 was a success is because it did not shy away highlighting formative life experiences pairing negative and positive.

Graziader and producers provided a safe space where contestant felt easy opening up about everything from health issues like Lyme disease, endometriosis hearing loss family past relationships and death of loved ones,

Graziadei sentimental intelligence, refreshing listening and communication skills took that danger to next bar.

As a main actor Graziader made concerted try not to lose himself along the journey. supported his women and thought full navigated drame in the house.

He was not fear to show his personality either and embraced with Jesse Palmer and opportunity to left his sides shine.

.Graziadei great signal came during the Women Tell All event when the 16 contestants in attendance had no negative to express about him. They thanked him for his grace and changing their lives for goods.

Sydney Gordon who Graziadei forward home from a 2 on one date with fan favorite contestant Maria Georgas following ongoing feud

Graziadei season deliver very superb vibes and fluttering hearts. It was success by rating.

Within the franchise Graziadei get overwhelming appreciation from fellow Bachelorett contestants and other fan favorit figures like Goldd

Within the franchise, Graziadei received overwhelming praise from fellowBachelorettecontestants and other fan-favorite figures includingGolden BachelorGerry Turner, who said, “From a Golden perspective, he absolutely fuckin’ killed it.


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