Indiana flu virus spread swiftly 14 Pediatric dies with Influenza this season Louisiana child death caused by flu

Indiana flu virus spread in high numbers. According to map released by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention Indiana into the upper category for the first time this season. Indiana recorded two deaths this week.

Indiana has show four latest flu death to its number make it for the season to 14. The WHO declared Thursday it is recommending universal masking in health care and hospitals around the globe.

The CDC declaration comes in the same week as Indianapolis area hospital initiating imposing visitor restriction due to RSV, Covid and flu spread.

South Carolina is other state with rising number of flu cases. The Louisiana Health department did not reveal any extra info about the location or the child.

The US National Centre for Health Satistics Mortality Surveilance mortality surveilance data show that 0.2% of deaths during the week ending December 9 2023 were due to influenza.

During this season more than 152 million nasal egg based influenza vaccines were distributed in the US. These vaccines are easily available all pharmacies across the nation.

According to CDC seasonal influenza activity remains climbing in various parts of the country. Various people over the 6 months get annual flu shot.

When you get a flu shot your health symptom and your location a second vaccination is good depend upon chat with pharmacist or nurse and doctor.

As of 14 December 2023 a total of 14 influenza associated pediatrics died. As Christmas Day approaches IDOH declared Friday that the Indiana state has recorded climbing flu activity for this season.

Flu season consist of October to May months according to the IDOH. Symptoms of flu can be changing from person to person. The CDC detail symptoms as cough, fatigue,, body temperature 1000 fahrenheit degree, sore throat and body stiffnes, headache.

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