In person voting famous in Washtenaw County overall turnout low

The Washtenaw County elections division reported lower turnout in Tuesday night’s primaries than in latest years.

New voting laws in Michigan this was first election to be preceded by 9 days of early voting.Over 322,000 registered voters in Washtenaw County under 78000 filled out a ballot. That comes to about 24% turnout.

The ballot count was shortly after midnight this morning.

Ed Golembiewski is director of elections for Washtenaw County. Addition of early voting does complicate the election process.

Golembiewski added when compared to rest of state Washtenaw County voters utilize their early voting options.

Arbor led the state in early voting participation with over 2700 residents casting their ballot before election day

Are you registered to vote in Michigan? How to check before the 2024 primary

The Michigan primary is scheduled for Tuesday Feb.27. As Michiganders are planning to vote for next president voters must first ensure they are registered.

Where are you registered to vote in Michigan?

Your address list on voter registration determine which precinct you must report in order to vote.

If address change within 14 days of election voters can go city or township clerk office to do so.

Visit the state voter information page to get location and precinct. Unsure of where you are registered to vote?

Residents who move to other city must re register whereas residents moved within city limits can update address.

Make sure your address on registration card and your driver match before going to vote.

Voters must register or update address by 8 pm on Election Day.

Are you registered to vote in Michigan?

Michiganders who are planning to vote can check if registered online on the Michigan Voter Information Center page.

Residents can register online at least 14 days before election. Registration within 14 days voters can do so in person at city or township clerk office.

Is it too late to register to vote ahead of the 2024 Michigan primary?

The state of Michigan is allowing same day voter registration meaning anyone who is eligible to vote and has register as of Monday can still do so on day of Tuesday primary.

Registration must be complete by 8 pm on Election Day.

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