Icelandic town evacuated over volcano eruption

Iceland has evacuated thousands of citizens amid dangers of a greater volcanic eruption after continous threatening earthquakes on Friday.

Iceland announce a state of emergency on Friday a series of eathquakes jolted the country southwestern Reykjanes peninsula.

Earlier authorities tells on Saturday “an Icelandic town near the capital Reykjavik and population of 4000 people was escaped overnight after thousands of tremors caused dangers of a volcanic eruption.”

iceland volcano are 33 active system, the greater in number in Europe. Three Eruptions have taken place near Fagradalsfjall on the Reykjanes peninsuala in March 2021, August 2022 and July 2023.

Iceland to approve the Mid Atlantic Ridge a crack in the ocean floor separating the North American and EurAsian tectonic plates.

The Met office told to media that 500 earthquakes had been registered in the area between 18 GMT Friday and 6 GMT Saturday also a 14 over magnitude of 4.

The town 40 kilometers far from southwest of Reykjavik is placed near the Blue Lagoon geothermal spa resort, a famous tourist destination which was closed as precaution measures.

The Icelandic Met office earlier said that an eruption would most probably take place in several days rather than hours.Magma had been observed collecting beneath the Earth’s surface deep of about five kilometres for various days.

On Friday seismic activity was becoming closer to the surface and magma was initiating to rise toward the Earth crust between Grindavik and Sundhnjukagigar.

Authorities evacuted Grindavik after the Met Office declared likelihood that a magma intrusion has extended beneath Grindavik.

The quantity of magma involved is more than with the eruptions at Fagradalsfjall.

Grindavik is near the Svartsengi geothermal plant the key supplier of water and electricity to 30,000 citizens on the Reykjanes peninsula.


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