Google open up best sex related searches of 2023 From ‘ Speed Bump Position’ to Pregnancy Sex Safety

In a surprising revelation, Google has speak out the most search related questions of 2023, thinking about sexual matters. Most search query was “What is the speed bump position?”. This specific sexual position become talk of town after mention on the reality show Love Island by contestant Tom Clare, raising curiosity and driving many to search clarification on how to do it.

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Sex Positivity

Other top queries is about the sex positivity reasons for bleeding after intercourse, the specific amount of dates before having sex and projected number of calories burned during sex action.

Unique Sexual Situations

Additional search trend shows individual reports of unique sexual situations. These consist a new mother experience with her partner untraditional request , an australian women shocking discovery about her partner sexual health and criminal case in Brazil in genital mutilation.

Safety Sex During Pregnancy

The 2nd most search question is about the safety of sexual activity during pregnancy. According to doctors sexual intercouse is safe, provided the pregnancy is progressing without complexities. Baby is well save and can not be hurt such activity.

speed bump position

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