Fallout: Ella Purnell and More share detail about their Vault Dweller Costumes

Fallout is coming on Amazon Prime Video tonight with all eight episodes of new series at same time. The new show is coming from the game series of same name and is getting praise from critics.

The series is currently up on Rotten Tomatoes with 92% critics scores with ComicBook.com Tanner Dedmon giving it a 4.5 out of 5.

Last night ComicBook.com attend the Los Angeles premiere of show and had chance to chat various members of cast. We asked Ella Purnell if she found the Vault Dweller costume freeing or she got sick of wearing the same thing in each episode.

We asked more Vault Dwellers about their costumes and they shared own thoughts on wearing the same outfit throughout the season.

You know what? it was little comforting you did not think about that Rodrigo Luzzi explained of his costume.

” You did not have to worry about it. so you put it on once and then you are like. All right this is what I am going to be living in You got used to it. It was comfortable.”

We asked Vault Dwellers about their costumes and they shared their own thoughts on wearing the same outfit throughout season.

” So I m pregnant and when I become not pregnant I missed the bump” Annabel O Hagan shared. ” To have physical attribute of myself that just created opportunities for this character to sort of grow. the suits are comfortable. They look amazing”

What Is Fallout About?

The show main characters Lucy, Maximus and Cooper Howard are new they fit archetypes in the games. Lucy is Vault Dweller and start of series centers around her leaving her Vault for first time moving to Los Angeles.

Maximus is squire of Brotherhood of Steel Cooper is bounty hunting Ghoul. Get huge amount of screen time in today trailer and it give fans a good idea of overall narrative.

It is uncertain time in television .


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