ChatGPT vs Bard Who is better for Financial Advice? Should You Trust AI for Financial Advice?

AI is creating miracle in current era.Can you trust Generative AI to make financial decisions for you? AI provide convenient and less expensive financial advice.AI gives edge to financial decisions making by analyzing huge amount of data, eliminating sentimental bias and offering insights.There are various reasons to consider AI for financial decision cost consideration, sentimental needs, risk avoidance and financial condition.Dependency on AI completely has drawbacks.AI can’t understand financial circumstances and goals it does not consider life broader life situation, have faults and lacks emotional help.

Factors to Consider Before Using AI for Financial Advice

The decision to trust AI for financial advice depends on preferences and circumstances.Here are some factors to keep in mind

Budget Consideration

AI driven financial advice is less costly than human advisors.If you have budget constraint AI is more practical.


Your Risk tolerance maintain a crucial role in your financial determination.AI system does not consider individually risk factor it is sensible to consider a human expert.

Difficulty of your Financial Situation

If your financial circumstances is easiest AI is sufficient enough for guidance.If situation is more complex than you need a human expert for advice.

Emotional Requirement

Human Advisor can offer the emotional attachment and sympathy you need on financial related matters. However AI is less effective in this case.

Hybrid Approach

Hybrid approach is very good combining AI with human financial advisor.This way you can be benefit from AI and insights of human expert.

Should You Trust AI for Financial Advice?

ChatGPT models main focus is on the long term aspect.Google AI system focuses on the importance of investing for the long term and diversifying it.

Understanding the Progress of AI in Finance

AI uses its huge amount of data, processing power to rapid look at a thousand of data figure out patterns.AI has made personal growth tools very famous among people and finance.There is lot of pros and cons of using AI for financial advice.

Disadvantage of AI Models for Financial Advice

AI systems are not full prove to inaccuracies. AI advice without verification can expose you to financial disadvantage.AI minute error on market event can guide to huge loss.These AI systems can not understand your financial conditions.They work on the basis of previous algorithms.Financial decisions are personal and on size fit all approach can lead poor results.

AI system can not provide the broader context of your financial life.Life event like of superannuation, child marriages can impact your financial decisions.AI only advice you simply not considering the factor of your life. AI does not offer emotional support.AI lacks the human sympathy that a human financial advisor can provide.

Advantage of AI Models for Financial Advice

AI system bring a various advantages to the financial decision making.AI advantage is it reduce emotional bias.Human emotions often crowd with judgement when making financial decision.AI like of Bard make their decision only base on data.This emotional approach increase the quality of advice.AI is available 24/7 hours. There is no time restriction you can easily get advice without scheduling appointments.AI is less costly than human financial advisor.Their affordability makes its easily available for million of users.

Trusting AI for financial decision without verifying is a suicide.

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