Before You Sign Up Everything to learn About T Mobile Family Plan

T-Mobile has everything to offer for new customers as America most awarded 5G network. It offers some of affordable family plans on market with range of added perks and benefits. With so plans available however it can hard to decide which plan is best suited for your family.

Every family offered by T-Mobile provides various benefits form mobile hotspot speed to high speed data usage.

Family requiring top data speeds for streaming, mobile gaming and in between it is important to select plan that suits your requirements and budget.

T-Mobile has increased its 5G data coverage in certain towns with introduction of Ultra Capacity 5G technology.

There are perks and discounts available in T Mobile Magenta Plan among other plans with 3 or more lines.

T-Mobile Essential is mega budget friendly choice for cutting cost on family phone bils. The Essential plan priced at $90 for 3 phone lines excluding fees and taxes offers you need keep your family connected including 4G, text and 5G LTE data. New T Mobile consumers can get 3rd line free of charge.

It does come with few limitations. Mobile hostspot speeds are limited to 3G. You may experience lower speed if using more than 50GB of data per month. T Mobile offers premium data allotments per billing cycle which offers consistent data speeds even under congestion.

This plan does not offer T-Mobile add on services like scam shield or T-Mobile Family Mode. You can add extra line for additional $10 per month with T-Mobile Essential 4 Line Offer. T Mobile Essential Plan is low cost option one of cheapest family plans on the market.

Magenta Family Plan offers data with extra perks

50GB of high speed data is not enough for family ypu can double it in T-Mobile’s Magenta plan. The plan comes with same unlimited text talk, data as Essential Plan but Magenta customers can enjoy 100GB of premium data to watch and stream content uninterrupted.

The Magenta plan offers many entertainment perks with Netflix Standard subscription and 6 months of Apple TV+ for free. For families that demand fast data speeds the Magenta plan is good option.

The Magenta plan cost $140 per month for 3 lines or $160 for 4 lines. 100GB of high speed data is not enough user can enjoy unlimited premium data with Magenta MAX for $170 per month or $200 per month for lines. This plan offers 40GB of high speed mobile hotspot data any of device as hotspot.

Unlike T Mobile Essential taxes are included in these plans.

Track children’s screen time on Magenta

T-Mobile plan family friendly is Family Allowances benefit is very good. The add on free of charge for Magenta consumers permit you to monitor your children mobile usage and enable schedules of when they can use devices.

You can manage Family Allowances at any time by logging into your T-Mobile account online. Parent line is primary account holder which can control schedules and set limits on all lines.

If you desire to track your children when they are not at home. T-Mobile offers the FamilyWhere app to primary account holders for extra $10 per month. The app works similar to Samsung Find My Mobile app it does not rely on internet connectivity.It uses data from T Mobile network.

The FamilyWhere app is available to Android users only.

You can select to limit talk time and texts on certain phone lines. Plus with always allowed numbers you can make sure that child has rech to contacts during restricted periods.

Parental control is Current Allowance toll which allow you set limits for app and game purchase on the App store or Play Store.

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