Angie Harmon Tells About the Pain of Losing her Dog after He was shot by Instacart Driver

Hm isarmon told media about her dog Oliver death on March 30 and why she is taking legal action. We can not just sit back and do nothing.

Harmon has filed a lawsuit against Instacart and delivery driver Christopher Anthoney Reid for alleged tespassing, invasion of privacy, negligence and more.

The Isles and Rizzoli alulooking more than $25,000 in damages through mega amount will be determined a trial.

Angie Harmon dog Oliver was shot and killed on March 30 by Instacart delivery driver.

The traumatic incident and why she is taking legal action to ensure this never happens.

Harmon ran out front door, barefoot, dressed in nightgown, jeans yelling. “What is going on?”

Angie Harmon heard a single gunshot from outside her home in Charlotte, NC, feeding her 2 squirrels upstairs.

She opened the window to hear what the commotion was about “Oh my God Oh my God Did you just shoot our dog? She heard her daughter Avery 18 scream on front lawn.

Rizzoli&Isles alum 51 looked down from 2nd floor she could see her German Shepherd and Beagle mix lying on front porch step. “He wa just looking up at me” Harmon.

Oliver whom Harmon and her daughters rescued from SPCA shelter in Texas, Dallas when he was four years old had their best mate ever since.

He gave them love they kept him safe. Day before Easter on Saturday March 30 everything changed.

Harmon ran out the front door barefoot dress in nightgown and jeans “What is going on” speaking loudly.

A few meter away Christopher Anthoney Reid a grocery delivery service driver stood silent after allegedly shot beloved canine. “We were running, crying, I remember thinking how weirf like why is not helping? Why is he just watching us like entertainment.

Harmon tells Reid allegedly said to her at the time yeah I shot your do. She further said ” He just kept saying that over and over and over again. He was not agitated. He was not mad. He was not sorry. He was not helping us. I was like “What are you talking about”?

Charlotte Meckenburg Police Department learned their investigation that Reid delivered the food to Harmon residence, he claimed the dog attacked him and that he defended himself by firing a single gunshot striking and mortally wounding the dog

The driver allegedly placed the gun in front of his pants.

When she comeback to house to grab towels her daughter Emery 15 was shaking and crying. She was like Mommy no Go take care of him Help Oliver help Oliver Harmon added.

Harmon tried to lift him she says her legs gave out “we pick Ollie up all time but i could not get him in car” she admits.

Avery called 911 Harmon tells she and her daughter lifted the dog. they were both traumatized by physical appearance.

Harmon rushed Oliver to emergency vet. The doctors tried to revive him she remained in shock on her knees and hand in parking lot sobbing.

Harmon is now suing Reid and Instacart claiming she believed she was interacting with delivery driver named Merle on app whose profile pics depicted an older lady.

The suit alleges that Reid was not injured by Harmon dog and had ample opportunity to leave property unharmed without shooting the dog.

Harmon is suing for trespassing, negligence, negligent supervision invasion of privacy and negligent misrepresentation. She is seeking more than $25,000 in damages exact amount will be determined at trial.

Instacart added that they suspended the shopper from platform and were working with local law enforcement on investigation.

On May 14 company release a statement Out hearts continue to be with Ms Harmon and her family following this damaging incident. While we cannot comment on pending litigation we have no tolerance for violence of any kind and shopper account has been deactivated from our platform.

Harmon returned home the police asked Reid for about 45 minutes while she say they talked us for 10 minutes and then they let him go She said He did not have mark on him. He did not have scratch.


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