Almost 20 Guests Have Clothes, Electronics and Watches Stolen from Luggage after Destination Wedding

“Now there is the dark cloud when we all were on high note “the mother of groom open up

According to Canadian Broadcasting corporation upon returning to Ontario Canada after son destination wedding in jamaica, the parents of groom were surprised to discover valuable missing from luggage.

They were not alone as number of fellow travelers nearly half of 40 guest in party found themselves missing clothing, fragrances and electronics.

We normally would leave our valuables at home but it was wedding so we were dressing up the mother of groom.

Lisa Parson told to media she added that guests traveled on Sunwing airlines a cost efficient airline headquartered in Toronto.

It was not about money. Lisa said adding that her husband Dave Aipods that were stolen were located in Jamaica.

It more abut fact now there is this dark cloud when we all were on high note.

The media reported that incident happened on day guest loaded their belongings onto a bus at Hotel Rou Ocho Rios and embarked on 2 hour journey to Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay.

The guest checked in their bags.

After boarding they touched down in Canada around 11 pm local time.

The guest woke up to texts from Bryan Williams a friend of the groom who claimed he had $200 bottle of cologne and some dress shirts and pants stolen.

We have a big group chat that we had going while we were on trip. Williams said.

Everybody was like yeah Im missing this missing that we are realized that there was more than just one or 2 of us were missing some things.

Soon other guest discovered items missing from suitcase as well. They said lining of their bags had been shredded and the locks cut.

Now David the father of groom is reminding people how it is important to remember to take caution when traveling with valuables.

He added Make sure you keep your valuable close to you. Your bags your main bags are mercy of whoever desire to I guess access them.

The Parsons were missing a $550 Bulova watch 2 sets of $300 AirPods and laptop cord valued at $120.

Expensive perfume, clothing, cologne and about half of group had luggage tampered with the lining shredded and locks cut.

The Parsons were able to confirm that the theft had not happened at Toronto Pearson Airport after using phones to track loccation of stolen airbuds.

We were all brainstorming on what had gone on and realized that we were all compromised at the Montego Bay airpot.

It is only time our luggage was unattended. Lisa said.

Daves Airpods were found on another part of island mine are on Providence street in Montego Bay Lisa added. It shows you exactly where its and it is 2860 mile away. so they are in jamaica.

Montego Bay Airport Authority told media that the airline is responsible for stolen luggage items or missing baggage and that theft does not occur at the airport.

Baggage handler at Sangster International Airport are employed by individual airlines.

Sunwing is who we paid our money to so I feel they are one that need to step up to plate Lisa added.

The group filed a complaint with airline but did not hear back for few days.

One of travellers later get a call from Sunwing Corporate office. Montego Bay Police had launched an investigation into thefts.

Jamaica police did not response.

Dave Parsons said group is waiting to see to what extent they will be compensated by Sunwing befor filing a claim with their insurance company.

The couple is sharing experience was a warning to other travellers.

You keep your valuables close to you.He added.
” Your bags your main bags are at mercy of whoever desire to I guess access them.

The rules are clear who is responsible for stolen luggage or valuables.

She said travellers who have had items stolen are protected by Air Passenger Protection Regulations in two ways.

These passengers can claim up to $2300 in compensation for damaged or delayed luggage or they can claim items were stolen from luggage. Travelers have to make claim directly though airline.

Canadian Transportation Agency keep tack of complaints it get.They are filled after travellers have exhausted options and were not happy with result.


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