50 Brilliant WoodWorking Tips for Beginners

Woodworking is a dynamite thing, however it is quite difficult for starter.Here are few tips for our lovely readers.

Quick Blade Gauge

This guage block is fastest to set the height of a table saw blade.This one is made from a 3in. length of 4×4 cut to setting used more often.These block will assist you to finish the work early.

Bar Clamp Cover

Iron pipe clamps easily mar softer woods.Solution is to cut a section of plastic pipe to size and place it around the pipe.

Half Pencil

I use an ordinary pencil just shave into half pencil.This pencil works greater for marking and shaping for woodworking projects.The flat edge enables my pencil to straight up along edge.

Flexible Sanding Block

Sanding Curves are very important.Sanding pad needs firm and flexible.A small notepad useful.Close the sandpaper around pad and bend the pad as you need.Slip the one end of sandpaper between pages.Try next time to reach spots.

Simple Circle Tool

This simple jig makes circle a breeze. Drill 1/8 inch. Every inch mark on a yardstick.To draw a circle put a pin through the number 1 on your board.Add pin as a pivot rotate the pencil to mark circle.

Stain Sprayer

Easier way to stain chairs,lattice.Pour the strain into a empty spray bottle.Spray stain onto the project and finish the excess with brush.The sprayer will squirt stain into all joints.

Slick Table Saw

I safeguard my iron table saw on a coat of paste wax.This give a nice for easier material feeding.It prevent rust when humidity is in air.

Easy Odd-Width Measuring

How any person divide the difficult number into equal number with out dividing fractions?Simple angle measuring tape across the project until read any easliy divisible dimension.

Safety while cutting little parts

if you want to cut small furniture parts on miter saw.With their unwanted shape it was impossible to hold safely. I used dowel screw for furniture.These assemblies kept my hands far from blade.

Bi-Fold Work Bench

I prefer Bi Fold doors with hinges so easy to fold them up when i finish my job.They are easier for difficult task on road.

On Hand Sand Paper Cutter

Cutting Sand Paper is a furious way to dull knife blade or scissors. I fastened a hacksaw blade of workbench.I fold the paper where i desire to cut.

Glue is Best

It is too thick to use glue. You need a drop of vinegar to avoid thickness in glue.It looks odd however it really gets the job done.

Shelf Bracket to the Safety

Clamp a shelfbracket to a workbench, kept the material on edge and then kept it to the bracket.The clamp tight the material, keeping you safe for working.

Hand Plane Hack

There is a trick to joint pieces that are tittle to hold.Flip upside down and clamp to your bench.Now it can pass the forest over the plane together edge.

Transportation Flag Clamp

Use the clamp to fix the warning flag to the end of portruding lumber. The clamp is good to slip on and off and you try to fuss around with nails, staples.

Hand Plane Hack

Too joint pieces are too little to hold in a vise.Flip a hand plane upside down and clamp it. Now you can joint the wood over the plane to joint edge.

Visual Aid for Sanding Even Surfaces

Best Sandpaper you can smooth wood with best results.


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