Google Photos adds documents label and screenshot with manual categorization

Back in November Google Photos introduce document sorting and another update to capability add labels to notes and screenshots as well as manual categorization option.

When opening a photo of document in fullscreen we are viewing a label in top left corner the back arrow.

This is Google Photos explicitly telling how it has labeled a document.

Tapping lets you change categories or view all documents. The categorization choices are


    • Screenshots
    • Books and magazines
    • Even information
    • Identity
    • Notes
    • Payment methods
    • Receipts
    • Recipes and menus
    • Social

you can select and apply various categories per image. We are viewing labels live in Google Photos for Android and ioS.

This option is not available on web.

Google announce improved automatic document categorization and recognition using AI.

This upgrade was unveiled alongside Photo Stacks with carousel of Documents found in Search tab.

  • Google Photos is introducing manual categorization for document allowing users to change category of images like tickets and receipts
  • Google Photos has categorize images of documents since 2021 the ability to recategorize them is new
  • Google Photos change in categorization options are likely a serve side update

Google Photos to store images of documents you know that it does not get categorization right.

With this change you have the choice to change which category images goes in.

Google services AssembleDebug shared on X That Google Photos was working on a way to change how the app categorize images what it calls Documents.

The new setup allow users manually change images photos of receipts tickets are tagged making it easier to organize info in images.

Manual categorization rolling out.

Google first introduce machine learning powered document categorization to Photos back in 2021 until now.

Im viewing these choices live on Pixel 8 running the version of Google Photos mentioned above.

Changes are server side which means that even if you are using the same app version functionality might be enabled for you on Google end.


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