WWE Raw: Liv Morgan retains title inside Steel Cage on May 27 episode:Liv Morgan Kisses “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio: is liv morgan marri

Liv Morgan continues with newly won Women World Championship reign following this week Raw thanks to Dominik Mysterio and she had surprise gift in store for him by end of the show.

In main event of recent episode of Monday Night Raw, Liv Morgan c defeated Becky Lynch in Steel Cage Match by escaping the cage to retain her title.

This happened after intentional interference from Dominik.

Various storylines ran alongside this match including Braun Strowman chasing down JD McDonagh for weeks.

On Raw Strowman beated McDonagh in match after the fight Carlito, McDonagh and Finn Balor attacked Strowman.

During championship match between Morgan, Dominik and Lynch appeared and he opened the door trying to assist Becky escape structure and become new champion.

McDonagh and Balor arrived at scene as they tried to keep Mysterio from interfering on Becky behalf. Strowman came out and chasing McDonagh he slammed the cage door on Becky head allowing Morgan to escape the cage.

To take revenge Strowman then started chasing McDonagh all over arena throughout show. In one situation McDonagh was seen talking to Liv Morgan in back of arena before Strowman scared him away.

Liv Morgan won women world title on Saturday night by beating Becky Lynch at Saudi Arabia premium live event from Jeddah Superdome in Jeddah.

On night Dom flew to Saudi only to prevent morgan from winning the belt.

He finally assisted Morgan to capitalize by throwing a steel chair in the ring. Following the kiss on Raw alliance should grow between Morgan and Dom in coming days.

Following match Morgan reached to Mysterio on ramp and planted a kiss on his lip. He tried to sell it as if he was not interested while Morgan was in smile afterward.

The kiss was shown on social media.


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