von miller girlfriend is Megan denise. von miller girlfriends are very few in number but report is that this time Megan denise.

von miller news

Police were called to a major disturbance at the Buffalo Bills player home in Dallas on Wednesday. Police told that vaughn miller 34 is alleged to verbal war with and “attack a pregnant person”.

buffalo bill’s von miller left the scene before police arrived. The von miller wife megan denise treated for minor injuries.

The Glenn Heights Police confirmed that von miller had turned himself on Thursday afternoon. vaughn miller Jailed into DeSoto Tri City Jail in Texas posted a 5000 dollar bond and freed after a short time.

The charge of assaulting a pregnant woman that buffalo bills’ von miller facing is a third degree felony in Texas and punishable by jail.

NFL said that it would “follow all legal developments”. Bills said “they were aware of matter and were in the process of gathering more information.”


how old jimmy carter ?

jimmy carter is 99 years old.

How do I write 2.5 lakhs in number?

You ca write 2.5 lakhs in number just as 2,50,000/-

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