How Jaylen Brown Feels about Playing in Celtics 76ers Rivalry

The Philadelphia 76ers and Boston Celtics are going to compete each other Friday night continuing a traditional arch rivalry that start before the days of Joel Embiid and Jayson Tatum. boston celtic rumor news are high on thursday.

Inspite of famous record the Celtic, the 76ers successful to give Boston a nail biting clashes. However this Friday night, the possible outage of Embiid who was marked as doubtful on Thursday could play a key role with the Celtics also missing Kritsaps Prozingis for 3rd continous matches.

Boston heading the East with an NBA super 14-4 record is unbeaten through its early eight matches at home so far this season.

Boston has upper edge . The Celtics have won their previous six playoff series against the 76ers. Philadelphia previously edge out Boston in a playoff clash 41 years before in 1980. At that time Moses Malone and Julius Erving were mega star in the NBA. Embiid was born after 12 year of that battle.

Both side have split their first two competition this season however the sesaon series moving towards Boston for the first time. The Celtics will found a third continous victory. Brown has been a key part of the competition with Philadelphia since his first match NBA in 2016.

Brown said “Several playoff contest we have been able to win but we wanna continue to maintain that in the future.”

“I think the Celtic Sixers rivalry goes back probably before I was even alive” Brown told media. at Thursday practice.


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