Teen Mom Tyler Baltierra reacts to “Disappointing”decision from Carly Adoptive Parents

The Teen Mom alum came to defense of his wife Catelynn Lowell after she get backlash for sharing sentimental text about not being able to visit their daughter Carly 14 who they gave up for adoption in 2009 on MTV 16 and Pregnant.

Tyle who shares daughter Novalle 9 Vaeda 5 and Rya 2 with Catelynn went on to note that despite a mutually agreed upon plan to visit Carly every year the pair have been denied chance multiple times and frustration over the situation is nothing new or foreign.

That choice does come without a natural human cost Tyle said on Instagram Story May 10.

” Most will never know pain of what it takes to flight against most powerful biological and instinctual nature that required to make that choice. Most will never know what it is like to grow, nurture, love and carry such beautiful perfect inoccent like your own baby only to painfully relinquish that natural bond to another to do what you know you cant for sake of our baby.

“Her expressing that pain on those particular day when she is vulnerable sad and at a loss should not be used as attack against her character. Tyler argued.

All I ask of you is to just please be kind.”

Catelynn may not have got the support she desired from internet during these hard time but she can count on Tyler to be there for her.

“Our relationship I feel like we are always strong” the 32 year old told ” I think that we go through bumps and it makes you stronger as couple too but we are in a good place”

“There is nothing we have done on our personal live that has influenced this decision he added But at end of day Brand and Teresa are her Parents. They are only one who have authority to make decisions.”

Tyler acknowledge that are not entitled to see their daughter after selecting to give her up for adoption. Tyler called on others to recognize that rejection is still disappointing.

The reality star’s defense arrives hours after Catelynn re-shared a cryptic message reacting to the idea that “adoption is a beautiful thing.”


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