Parizaad Cahpter 2 release date, cast, story, timing, ost

Parizaad writer announce on social media that Parizaad chapter 2 is in making. Parizaad chapter 2 drama will be release in end of 2023 or next year. People are waiting for sequel of Parizaad. Parizaad chapter 2 will be telecast on Hum Tv Pakistan. It will be the production of Momina Duraid under the banner of MD productions.

Is Parizaad Chapter 2 coming?

Yes Parizaad Chapter 2 is in making. It will take a time but will be released soon.

Cast of Parizaad Chapter 2 Television show

Some news are coming that Ahmed Ali Akbar will perform the role of Parizaad. Yamna Zaidis confirm for act in Parizaad sequel. Other actors are not confirm yet for Parizaad chapter 2

Parizaad Chapter 2 release date

Parizaad Chapter 2 is coming soon. Its release date will be annouced soon

Parizaad Chapter 2 timing

Parizaad Chapter 2 timing is 40 minutes. It will be telecast on Prime time night at 8 Pm on sunday. Its date are not confirm yet.

Parizaad Chapter 2 story

Parizaad chapter 2 is about social issue, betrayal, love and romance of poor boy.

Who was the first choice for Parizaad?

Ushna Shah was offered the role of Naheed in Parizaad after rejection by Neelum Munir.

Who married Parizaad?

Parizaad married to singer sharry mann.

Who is Nasaaz in Parizaad drama?

Adeel Afzal perform the role of poet in parizaad name “Nasaaz”.

How many episodes will Parizaad have?

Parizaad is consist of total 29 episodes.

Did Parizaad have a happy ending?

Yes Parizaad have a happy ending. Audience have enjoyed the role of Parizaad.

Is Parizad drama finished?

Yes Parizad drama is finished. Now chapter 2 is coming soon.

What is the meaning of Parizaad?

Parizaad meaning in English is “Of Divine Origin”.

Where is Parizaad house located?

In drama Parizaad house is in Islamabad Gulberg Green society. House area is 38000 square feet. House consist of Four Five and ten Kanal plots.

What is Lubna in Parizaad?

Lubna role is played by Mashal Khan. She perform a role of beautiful girl from upper class family. She has control of all her choices.

Does Parizaad marry bubbly?

No Parizaad does not married to bubbly.

What is moral of Parizaad drama?

Moral of Parizaad is that you can not judge a book by its cover. Beauty lies in a character not on appearance.

Is Parizaad drama famous in India?

Parizaad drama and its soundtrack are very famous in India.

Is Parizaad base on true story?

Parizaad is derive from novel. It is not based on true story. If someone has similarity to character of Parizaad It is just a coincidence.

Which Pakistani drama has highest TRP?

“Wo Pagal Si” Ary drama is top on the table with 15.2 TRP. Geo Tv “Siyani” is on second with 14.9 TRP.

Does Parizaad go to Jail?

Yes Parizaad go to Jail for five years. Where he learn many good things.

What does Zaat mean in Urdu?

Zaat word mean is “Caste”

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