Kristen Welker and Husband John Hughes Expecting Second Baby An Extraordinary moment

Welker host of NBC Meet the Press welcomed her first baby daughter Margot through surrogate in June 2021.

Welker welcome her 2nd baby she and her husband John Hughes have baby boy due via surrogate.

Welker and her husband became first time parents in June 2021 when they welcomed daughter Margot Lane via surrogate.

Welker working to raise awareness about fertility treatments on wider scale noting that treatments are out of reach for so many people.

She and her husband struggle with infertility for 3 years before pursuing surrogacy a process that filled her with uncertainty first time around.

Welker continues “But now that she is here we are 2 peas in pod. We bonded immediately. She looked up at me, I looked down at her and told her that I love her more than entire globe and all fears I had immediately disappeared.”

” I really have been able to enjoy this second surrogacy journey.

“This experience has been very different”.

Over the holiday the pair told Margot she would soon be mega sister news that delighted the little girl. Welker says.

Welker says she and her husband were initially nervous to tell Margot about new baby gifting her a book that explained the news in term she could understand.

“Margot has been telling her classfellows that Mother and Papa are getting her baby brother for her birthday Welker says with smile.

“She is very proud of fact that her baby brother will be sleeping in her old crib and she even come up with name for him.”

The book explained that she was going to be mega sister took pair of weeks to get through. She has just been so excited and we are thrilled about that .She’ll says things like. Baby brother coming tonight.

Welker says she was first hesitant to speak out publicly about infertility fearing negative response.

She got an outpouring of support along dozens of text from those fighting infertility themselves.

Welker has spoken publicly about her struggles with infertility penning a letter to Margot before her birth in 2021 which was published by today.

When you did not arrive at first we worried something might be wrong. Welker wrote in letter.

“So we went to doctor to asked for help. She was so smart and explained that I might need some help to bring you here”

Welker added ” The response was overwhelming”. ” It brought me to tears I can not tell you how many people reached out to say. ” I am struggling with infertility.


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