Why is ‘Community’ leaving Netflix? How to Stream The Comedy Favorite

Every streamer’s is very angry you fire up your streaming service of choice at end of long day only to search that the show you are 4 season deep into has destroyed.

The 6 season comedy starring Joel McHale performing a disbarred lawyer role who enrolls in community college to get a legitimate degree.

He becomes the leader of study group full of campus misfits including Donald Glover and Danny Pudi’s Troy and Abed Alison Brie as Annie and Gillian Jacobs as former anarchist Britta.

where will you get your Community fix starting today? Million dollar question keep reading to search where Community is going after Netflix.

What’s the Status of the Community Movie?

In 2022 Peacock declared that Community movie would be making its way to streamer fulfilling the show 6 season and movie prophecy.

When is Community Leaving Netflix?

The last day to stream Community to Netflix is Sunday March 31, 2024

Where is Community Going After Netflix?

Starting from Monday April 1, 2024 all 6 season of Community will stream exclusively on Peacock.

Peacock $11.99/month without ads and $5.99/month with ads. Subscribers on both plans will be able to watch every episode of Community.

Community the show is set to leave Netflix at the end of March 31.


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