When is Presidents Day 2024? Whats open/closed and why we celebrate the federal holiday

There is a three day holiday around the corner for some. Presidents Day is a federal holiday celebrated each year in the middle of February to honor past US presidents.

We celebrate President Day and Why

When is Presidents Day?

This Year Presidents Day falls on Monday Feb. 19, 2024. The federal holiday is observed the 3rd Monday of February each year.

What is Presidents Day?

Officially known as Washington Birthday the first federal holiday of the year was meant to honor the country first president George Washington.

Washington was born in Virginia on Feb 11 1731 according to used Julian calendar. In 1752 Britain and all colonies adopted the Georgian calendar which moved birthday a year and 11 day to Feb 22 1732.

The holiday included honoring President Abraham Lincoln whose birthday is Feb.12. The position of holiday between birthdays of Washington and Lincoln gave hike to famous name of Presidents Day.

Why do we celebrate Presidents Day?

The country celebrated the founding father birthday before Congress revealed it a federal holiday according to National Archives.

Congress established a joint committee to overlook festivities to honor the former president nationally. On Feb 22, 1832 the committee recommended Congress Washington memory and in commemoration of his birth.

The House and Senate commemorated the 130th anniversary of Washington birth by reading his farewell address. This event became a tradition in the Senate that is still observed to this day.

Washington Birthday did not become a legal holiday til Jan 31, 1879 when congress added Feb 22 to the holidays to be observed by federal employees in District of Columbia. This does not become a paid holiday for federal employees until 1885.

What is open on President’s Day?

The post office, stock market, banks and schools will be closed on Presidents Day. Most grocery and retail stores will be open.

Who is off for Presidents Day?

Federal holidays are those observed by the federal government so anyone who works for federal government has the day off. Federal holidays may be observed on Monday or Friday if they fall on weekend.

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