The Sunday Times Rich List 2024:Five wealthiest Person in Wales

The list which is updated yearly ranks 350 wealthiest person in the UK and has been mentioned in special edition of The Sunday Times Magazine since 1989.

This year list of families and individuals have combined wealth of 795.361bn euro over the annual GDP of Poland.

The survey is based on wealth including property, land, asset like art, racehorses or share in public companies.

Robert Watts who written the list added “Britains billionaire boom has come to an end”.

“Many of our home grown entrepreneurs have seen their fortunes fall and some of global super rich who came here are moving away.

The minimum entry this year is 350m euro and person that have made the entry include Lord Lloyd Webber, David and Victoria Beckham.

The 2024 edition of magazine has seen the mega fall in billionaire count in 36 year history.

This year 165 billionaire have been reported in UK.

Topping the list for the five richest families or individuals in Wales who have more than 10bn euro wealth between them are venture capitalist Sir Michael Moritz and wife Harriet Heyman.

5 David Sullivan and family

Born in Cardiff, David Sullivan became a millionaire at age of 25 through selling pornographic content.

1970 he managed half of UK adult magazine market and 150 sex shops. In 1982 he spent 71 days in prison charged on living off immoral earnings.

2024 Wealth 1.168bn euro Yearly difference is 50 million euro. Property, football and media is source of wealth.

4 Sir Terry Matthews

Sir Terry 80 years old born in Newport Wales first billionaire and has found over 100 companies. He was the wealthiest person in Wales until he was moved from top position by Sir Michael Moritz in 2012.

He co founded telecom company Mitel in 1973. He owns the Celtic Manor resort in Newport having bought it in 1980.

His wealth source is Telecoms Mitel.Yearly difference is 7 million euro.2024 wealth is 1.340 bn euro.

3. Douglas and Dame Mary Perkins and family

Husband and Wife Douglas Perkins and Dame Mary Perkins 80 are founders of Specsavers which they started from spare bedroom.

This year the 21m euro increase in their wealth.The couple came up with idea of making a visit to optician like going to shop.

21million yearly difference.2024 wealth is 1.587bn euro.Source of wealth is Opticians Specsavers.

2 Simon Nixon

Simon Nixon 56 who born in Lincolnshire childhood spent in Flintshire.He made his wealth from his price comparison website MoneySuperMarket which co founded in 1993. Running holiday home website is another website.

Wealth source is Property and Internet. 2024 wealth is 1.88bn euro. difference yearly Up 55million euro.

1. Sir Michael Moritz and Harriet Heyman

Former journalist Sir Michael Moritz was born in Cardiff joined investment house Sequoia Capital in 1986. He made billion which he shares with American author wife Harriet Heyman by making investment into like of Youtube, Whatsapp, Paypal, Google and host of other tech giants before anyone else.

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