Outback Steakhouse leaves Hawaii notice of their closures stunns staff

As of Sunday Feb 18 all Outback Steakhouse location will be closing their door in Hawaii permanently. The chain looks to be pulling out of Hawaii with little notice to staff.

KHON2 get a tip from employee that staff was alerted about the closure Saturday morning and some employee searching out as the door open Saturday afternoon.

A manager at various location confirmed Sunday Feb 18 would be restaurant final day and it was due ti higher prices and utilities.

Dozens of waipio employees met outside the restaurant before shift on saturday.

In 2023 Outback Steakhouse parent company Bloomin Brand Inc. declared it would be closing its Hawaii Kai and Kihei locations. As February 2024 the 3 remaining locations were Waipio, Kona and Kapolei.

Sheryl Matsuoka executive director of Hawaii Restaurant Association confirmed the new she too heard about it only a few hours before and said its devastating for Hawaii and show hard it is for restaurants to operate in the state.

She said it is even scarier to see a big chain with a lot of financial backing leaving the state. Can you imagine the small mom and pops who do not have that huge backing? she said.

Outback employee said It was sad it was such short notice a lot of people could have been looking for jobs elsewhere at the time. Even regulars were upset by the news.

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