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OKX Web3 technology company has release updates fro June 23, 2024.

OKX Wallet Integrated with AITECH the world first deflationary AI infrastructure utility token developed by Solidus AI Tech, With this integration the OKX Web3 community can reach AITECH via web extension

OKX a global tech company driving future of Web3. OKX provides a superb suite of products to meet need to starts and experts alike including

Web3 Defi

  1. A powerful DeFi platform that help earning and staking on about 70 protocols across over 10 chains.


  1. A multi chain cross chain decentralized exchange aggregator of 400+DEX and 20 bridges with 200,000+ coins and over 20 blockchains supported.

OKX Wallet

The world powerful crypto wallet which give user reach to more than 85 blockchains allowing them to take custody of their own funds.

The wallet includes MPC technology which permit user to easily access to wallet independently removing need for written down seed phrases in addition.

OKX Wallet account abstraction powered Smart Account help users to pay for transaction on various blockchains using USDC or USDT and interact with various contracts through single transaction.

NFT Marketplace

A multi chain zero free NFT marketplace gives uses reach to NFT listing across seven top tier marketplaces including LooksRare, MagicEden, OpenSea.

AITECH serve as core token fuelingthe Solidus AI Tech ecosystem providing reach to suite of AI and High Performance Computing HPC services.

This integrations enables OKX Wallet consumers to participate in AITECH ecosystem accessing AI and GPU marketplaces participating in project launches on AITECH Pad.

OKX publishes articles accessible via OKX learn. These articles provide good knowledge of cryptocurrencies.

OKX collaborate with world mega brand The Tribeca Festival, Olympian Scotty James, English Premier League Champions Manchester City FC, McLaren Formular 1.


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