Learn the SmarDex Airdrop Token Distribution with this Article

$SDEX Airdrop: Claiming Process How to Claim Tokens

400 Million Tokens for Adopters. How to check eligibility and claim $SDEX airdrop. Airdrop have become known method for distributing token to community and $SDEX is no exception.

Here is a step by step tips to assist you navigate the method.

Step By Step

Visit the DAOmaker website

Go to DAOMaker and check Eligibility on the $SDEX airdrop page there will be check Eligibility button. Click this and DAOmaker will scan the blockchain to decide if your connected wallet address meets the standard to get airdrop tokens.

Connect your crypto wallet by clicking the Connect Wallet button in top right corner. DAOmaker helps connecting a wallets like MetaMask Coinbase Wallet, Trust Walllet.

Claim your tokens if you are eligible based on snapshot you will see choice to claim your SmarDex tokens. Click the Cliam button and approve transaction in connected wallet.

Your airdropped SmarDex Tokens will sent to wallet address.

Manage your tokens once get you can hold transfer or interact with SmarDex token using same connected crypto wallet.

Many choose to move tokens to hardware wallet for additional security.

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