Is Little Nicky 2 releasing on Netflix Soo? Sequel Adam Sandler Explained

An image is viral on social media teasing the release of Little Nicky 2.

The movie have Adam Sandler coming back to his character as Nicky the son of Harvey Keitel Satan.

The photo of Sandler face is copied directly from first Little Nicky poste with outfit on his body and horns coming out his hair are drawn on image through photoshop.

Neither Sandler nor production team behind Little Nicky have discussed developing a sequel no chance sequel will happen.

There are no news for Little Nicky to get a sequel.

Three of Adam Sandler movies have gotten sequels those being Grown Ups, Murder Mystery and Hotel Transylvania.

Going under title Little Nicky Hell Takes a Vacation Sandler is look donning a long red robe and pajama pants with a smirk on face in front of New York City skyline.

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