Is Home Depot Open on Easter Sunday?Here are Home Depot’s Store Hours fo Easter 2024

Will you be visit to Home Depot this Sunday Here is what to know.
Easter is this weekend . There are times when you just need to move to store for last minute item or two.Sometime moving to grocery store and sometimes that means something specific like Home Depot. is Home Depot open on Easter.
Easter egg hunts and other activities like take place on Easter. Home Depot is open on March 31, 2024. Everything you need to know about Home Depots Easter Hours.

Is Home Depot Open on Easter Sunday 2024

Home Depot is not a grocery store they lot of useful household items and can be just store you need to assist you out if you are look to shop on Easter.

It is great concern if your stores are open lot of retailers are closed on Easter.

Home Depot is not one of them. Home improvement store is to be open on Easter Sunday. Hours change by location so check before you move on.

Home Depot Sunday hours are 8 am to 6 pm. That varies by store and it change for Easter Sunday.

Home Depot same day pickup and curbside pickup services. Check your local store information and call them for further inquiries.

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