Hanuman ott release date telugu movie 2024 Here is some facts

Hanuman has made a mega progress in the Indian Cinema Scene was being screened in theatres.

According to the contract the movie was to be released in OTT with in three weeks of the release of the film.

As the picture is still in theatre it was decided to bring the movie in OTT after 55 days. The film should have been released on Zee 5 from March 2. It did not occur.

Hanuman was not found on March 2nd on OTT. So another date was unveiled.Hanuman was likely to come on OTT on March 16.

Unfortunately the Movie was not available on that date on OTT.

The news of Hanuman 2 making is viral on social media.Hanuman earned 250 crore rupees in 14 days of its release

Hanuman directed by Prashant Verma is proved to be a mega hit on cinema box.

The picture Hanuman starring Teja Sajja is already a super duper hit.Preparation are already in progress to making the part 2 of the movie.

There is a speculation Yash will act in lead role and Pradeep Verma will direct the film Hanuman Part 2.

Hanuman is one of the latest movies that have raised the bar on the level. Without mega star hanuman has emerged as meg hit on box office at pan india level due to its amazing VFX, huge promotion and story.

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