February 2021 has been famous as Black Heritage Month at the Guelph Black Heritage Society GBHS. It is a month to celebrate contribution Black historical figures have made society celebrating the past always been focal point of Black History Month.

Francis said ” During Black Heritage Month the GBHS showcases they many ways Black people contribute to the local community”.

Official states in a press release “This month commemorates present and past accomplishments within the Black community and sets sights on a bright future.”

The GBHS is celebrating Black Heritage Month with a concert, Heritage Hall open house booths at the Guelph Farmer Market and Black Vacation Week.

Heart and Soul Campaign

Proceeds from all GBHS Black Heritage Month events will move towards the Heritage Hall Heart and Soul Campaign. GBHS is a registered charity and tax receipts will be issued for donations more than $25.

The campaign is an effort to expand GBHS programming and resources.

Lantern Ale

The Royal City Brewing Company at 199 Victoria Rd. S. Guelph is serving annual Lantern Ale.Portion of Lantern Ale proceeds are donated to GBHS.

Lantern before to and during the American Civil Ware were used as beacons by safe houses along underground railroad. A network of people assist people escape to freedom and Queens Bush settlement in Wellington County.

A portion of Lantern Ale proceeds are donated to GBHS.

Guelph Farmer’s Market

On Feb. 3 and 17 GBHS will have a booth at the Guelph Farmer Market from 8am to 1pm. People can visit the booth to learn more GBHS and purchase swag including the GBHS Lantern Brew from Lost Aviator Coffee, Cultural calendars, mugs, tea and driving tour maps of Wellington County. 

Black Vacation Week

GBHS will observe Black Vacation Week from Feb. 26 to 29.It is launched by Kween at Kween Company in efforts to create time and space fro Black individuals during Black Heritage Month.

Black Vacation Week encourage Black communities to take time for themselves to travel, eat, heal, spend time with one another.

This initiative allows for us to strive for braver space for our people during this month. 

Heritage Hall Open House

On Feb, 24 GBHS is hosting a Heritage Hall Open House from 1 -3 pm. This free event is open to public and offer a chance to learn information about GMHS has been up to including events, programming and tours.

Celebrating Black music

GBHS is hosting a concert at Royal City Church on Feb, 23. Doors open at 7 and the show begins at 7:30 pm. Tickets in advance are $25 for adults and $15 for students

The concert features, hip hop artist J One , Shane Phillips, Singer Julian Taylor, JJ Gallo.

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