Experts warn fans of Super Bowl ticket scams

Los Angeles does not have a team playing in Super Bowl this year a relative short drive or shorter flight makes going to Las Vegas a chance for some Southern Californians who can afford it.

Those look to snag last minute tickets to big match need to be wary of suspiciously good deals.

Over 100 reports of ticketed event scams came in to the BBB in 2023 official expressed.

It is probable that many victims do not submit a report.

Planos recommends potential ticket buyers to follow one rule of thumb if deal looks too good to be true.

“If the price is $5000 and somebody sweeps in with a chance for a $3500 tickets that is a really enticing proposition for consumers everywhere

Peer to peer payment methods are ubiquitous nowadays does not mean they are secure. Verified Super Bowl tickets can be purchased on Ticketmaster,

Planos said ” If it involves cryptocurrency a wire transfer prepaid debit cards or peer to peer payment methods. IT is certain you will see that money again.”

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