Elon Musk Desire You to Use Neuralink to Lose Weight

There are new technology brain computer interfaces BCIs are very significant medicine to lose weight. Businessman Elon Musk expressed the use of computer chip helped weight loss early in this year.

Neuralink like BCI reshape the nervous system patient suffering from paralysis have used the implant to control their limbs partially. BCIs can translate neural impulses thoughts into radio signals and change them to computer or devices.

According to the US Government Accountability Office it is highly danger the best of scenario implanted BCI cause surgical danger like rejection and infection.

It is not likeable that people suffering from food obesity could use a BCI to control the parts of brain that force them to overeat. Federal institutions open an investigation into the california based company last year after complained for rushed tested that cause danger on animal test subjects. However after review it get permission.

A new drug known as GLP-1s also call Ozempic is first treated for diabetes.It assist to control hunger.Medicine slow the movement of food from the stomach into the small intestine. You feel fuller so you eat less.

BCIs are mind blowing technology. However it does not change the reality that BCIs experiments have mostly involved human subject with severe conditions for which there are no other treatment like paralysis.

Prior you drill a hole in somebody brain and implant a device for cure some disease you desire to use all other option first. Trying a drug GLP-1 or discipline and excercise.

The FDA will never allow a brain chip for weight loss if GLP-1 drug is showing promise for weight loss.


elon musk weight loss drug

musk weight loss drug is neuralink in future.

elon musk weight loss

elon musk weight loss opinio to use AI neuralink is not sound good. FDA will never allow this in near future. It poses a greater harm to human being than advantage.

do you lose weight when you sleep

no only sleep can not help you to lose weight. You need to be discipline exercise and health diet with good sleep to lose weight.

elon musk diet

elon musk diet is not known. However some sources reported that elon musk eat less and work more.

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