Dublin Violent clashes broke out after three children stabbed near school

London: Clashes broke out in central Dublin on Thursday after a woman and three children were stabbed near a school. After that rioters take advantage of the situation burn car and shops.

Irish Police said in a statement 5 year old school girl was getting emergency medical aid in a Dublin hospital after the attack outskirt of school around lunch break.

After the declaration more than 100 persons took to the street equipped with metal bars and covering their faces. A police cordon was build up arount the Irish Parliament building Leinster House for precautionary measures. More than 400 police officers were deployed in Dublin city centre to control the unrest cause by a small group of tags according to press release issued by Police department.

Various Police Vehicles and a tram were destroyed during the riots.Rioters snatched stools and chairs outside hotels. All transports in the city was suspended and various companies told their workers to work from home on friday. Some shops and stores were looted.

Politicians and Police call for peace and warned to be cautious misinformation over the attack earlier in the day.

Justice Minister Hellen McEntee Said that “A thuggish and manipulative element must not be permitted to use any tragedy to wreak havoc.” The broadcaster had reported that protesters had chanted anti immigration slogans.

Such riots are unknown in Dublin.Some anti immigrants protests have rapidly increase in the last few years.There are no far right parties in Irish parliament.

After thorough investigation Police said in a statement “satisfied there is no terrorist link.”

Six year old girl and five year old boy sustained less serious injuries.The boy was discharged from hospital.Woman in her 30 suffered serious injuries during the knife attack.

PM Leo Varadkhar expressed his sorrow in a statement that “we are all shocked by the incident”

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