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The Kingdom of Science back for Season 4 of famous anime series.

Senku is return. Revealed at Crunchyroll Anime Expo 2024 industry panel, Dr. Stone Science Future the 4th season of famous anime.

As part of announce official art anime 5th anniversary was shown to fans at panel building hype for story.

it would not be Senku show if we were not 10 billion percent.

Facing a world of stone and total civilization. Senku make up his mind to use science to rebuild the globe.

Two million years of scientific history from Stone Age to present day the crafting adventure story is about to start.

Super strong childhood friend Taiju Oki who awakened at same time they will start to rebuild civilization from nothing.

Release Date Coming Soon

Several thousand years after secret process that turns all of humanity to stone science driven boy Senku Ishigami awakens.


CIS, The Middle East, Oceania, Europe, Africa, South America, North America, Central America.

Following first season in 2019 the second season in 2021 and third season in 2023 the TV anime next fourth season title Dr. Stone Science Future with announced in December 2023

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