Daredevil open up the Reason Why Batman Should never kill the joker

  • Daredevil open up the Reason Why Batman Should never kill the jokerBatman readers have gossip whether the Caped Crusader should violate his moral code against killing to end threat of joker permanently. Daredevil storyline actually revealed killing of joker could unite other villians against him making the situation bad.
  • In a story where Daredevil killed a criminal it led Matt Murdoch to speculate that making criminals and villian more threatful of him. It would provoke them to become more dangerous.

Batman Killing The Joker Is Always a Threatful Decision

The Joker is a threat and there is no denying that world would be better off without him. It is not a place to kill the joker.

People suspected Daredevil of killing a criminal it had superhero community asking him to hang up his mask.

The police were orders to shoot him and his villians got more threatful than ever. It was accident but it showed that killing someone is far from magical solution that has no consequences.

Batman can not kill the joker and Daredevil proved it.

DC Batman and Joker have been in struggle for decades now and it led few fans to question why Batman does not simply kill the joker.

This is a reasonable response to a villian as Clown Prince of Crime.

Marvel Daredevil of all actually has perfect answer for why murdering criminal does not assist.

Daredevil accidentally murders a man while preventing a robbery, After he comes to terms with it he initiiate question how this will affect his villians.

He wonders they fear him more now he looks to be capable of murder or more whether the villains might start to working together.

This question encapsulates why Batman should not just begin killing off his rogues with how dangerous his rogue gallery is in particular.

Vigilante work unsanctioned and fight against crime could easily lead to them being arrested. James Gordon has started various times that the only reason he does not arrest Batman is Batman has no kill rule.

Vigilantes who embrace killing like Marvel Punisher are not only hunted by police.

Character like Captain America Daredevil and Spider Man have made their dislike of Punisher known due to methods and while being shunned is a good reason not to go on killing spree.

Villian teams have been a mega threat to world with iconic ones like Legion of Doom or the Injustice League being two examples. Doing something that give them a reason to unite looks like terrible choice.




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