Bitcoin Cash BCH Price Rises 17% Open Interest Hits $500 Million Before Halving

Bitcoin Cash BCH tracked futures open interest doubled to $500 million on Thursday from $213 million last week. Bitcoin Cash halving will decrease block rewards from 6.25 BCH to 3.125 BCH.
BCH investor need to be careful as Fear and Greed Index points toward extreme greed. Bitcoin Cash open interest doubles in weeks time.
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) hardforked version of Bitcoin blockchain has been on investor list getting 17% in last 24 hours.
The Bitcoin Cash price is up 15.53% trading at $562 with a market cap of $11.07 billion.
The daily trading volume rised by a 152$ currently at $1.76 billion.

BCH Derivatives Demand Shoots

Crypto exchange coinbase declared that it will introduce first leverage contracts for Bitcoin Cash. This boosted derivatives trading for this altcoin.

Open interest in BCH tracked futures surged by more than double to $500 million on Thursday compared to $213 million.

This rise show a rise leveraged bets showing expectation of heigh price volatility.

The BCH price has gained 30% in previous week with some market analyst giving bullish calls all way upto $2000

BCH price to rally to $600 all way to April 01. Bitcoin Cash BCH has show volatility in latest time with its 1 month volatility measuring at 11.82.

Over past 30 days Bitcoin Cash has seen 19 days of positive price movements.

Bitcoin Cash Price

Momentum has building around Bitcoin Cash over past month the network halving next week on April 4.

BCH price is trading up by a 85% helping the altcoin occupy a position in top fifteen altcoin list.

Halving events happen when mining transaction rewards are halved decreasing the rate at which new coins are generated and decreasing the available supply.

Bitcoin own halving event is projected for April 20 as per trackers a bullish trend for cryptocurrency.

Upcoming halving event on April 4 Bitcoin Cash BCH rised by 17%. The block reward stands at 6.25 BCH following the impending halving it will reduce to 3.12 BCH.

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