American Airlines jet slides off icy NY runway

Officials say the jet had 50 passengers and 3 staff members on board. A jet that took off from Philadelphia International Airport skids off the taxiway after landing in Rochester, New York.

The cause of this incident remains under investigation. Official says the plane , an E-145 Embraer Regional Jet had 50 passengers and 3 members on board. It happened after American Eagle Flight 5811 landed at 4 p.m. Thursday at the Frederick Douglas Rochester International Airport.

There were no injuries. Passengers were being moved to the terminal by bus. American Airlines American Eagles parent company expressed the plan skid due to snowy airfield conditions. The plane will be taken out of service for a complete inspection.

“Safety is our top priority and we apologize to our customers for their experience.”

Severe winter storms have blasted the Northeast and other portions of the United States in recent days. Airlines were forced to cancel thousand of flights and train routes in Northeast Corridor causing, chaos, frustration for travelers.

The accident occurred shortly after one passenger on the flight expressed the plane had landed and looked slowing down for a tun when it slide off the pavement.

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