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Thousands of car and hip hop fans are heading to Fayetteville this weekend for high anticipated Third Annual Rick Ross Car & Bike Show.

The event is set to take place Saturday from 11 am to 6 pm at Ross mansion a 235 acre estate famous as The Promise Land.

Tickets are on sale at $250 for general admission and $500 for VIP parking. Tickets will not available onsite so visitor will buy them online in advance.

This year event organizer say they are not permitting any parking in neighborhoods. No weapons are permitted on property and confiscated weapons will be turned back to sheriff office.

:asy year The county council rejected rapper Rick Ross permit request for event. The permit was later reinstated week before show permitting it to proceed as planned.

After Event Fayette County official add they were impressed with how smoothly it went.

The event to once again run smoothly they are warning drivers to get ready for heavy delays around Highway 279 between 10 am and 11 pm.

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