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The release of the Shadow of The Erdtree DLC tied with modes, mythic features being introduced in Epic Games title is enough to set June as greatest months in 2024 for gaming community.

Epic Games might be planning to combine with From Software next taking inspiration from studio best selling franchise ever.

There is a weapon in famous battle royale that no player has been able to master yet something which the fans of FromSoftware titles would be relate to introduce in game collaboration with Metallica.

The Ride Lightning offers player decent blend of mobility and ability to deal damage to opponents.

How to use a guitar with electric arcs coming out of it prove to be hard task and best method to learn it would be by understanding the basic mechanics it offers to players.

The Ride the Lightning Mythic can be used for various purpose one of which is to traverse across battle island using guitar like Kinetic Blade item.

If a player wishes to they can slam down on ground with enemies nearby in an emotional and electric manner much like meteor falling from sky excepy with lot of inaccuracy making it difficult to aim at ground while in air.

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