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Google Drive storage is reaching its maximum limits you need to clear out unused files to free up space. But what if you have already deleted files and your Google Drive capacity is full?

Empty your Google Drive’s Trash to free up storage space

To do this go to Google Drive in your browser and start on Trash the left hand sidebar.

You will find Empty trash button. Click on it then confirm by clicking Delete forever.

This removes all data permanently in the Trash and frees up storage space in your Google Drive account.

Why your Google Drive storage space doesn’t free up after deleting files

When you removes files from Google Drive and see your storage capacity is not affected.

The reason for this is easier. Deleted files are moved to Trash where they continue to take up storage space.

Google Drive keeps deleted files in Trash for 30 days before actually deleting them. This gives lot of time in case you change your mined and need to retrieve deleted files.

,Google does this way because it is security measure that prevent users from accidentally deleting important files.

You can empty the Trash manually

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